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Business owners and leadership teams are always on the lookout for creative ways to motivate their teams. Keeping employees inspired, energized and on-mission can be a challenge, especially during a global pandemic when more employees are working from home and the majority of business is being conducted remotely.

Motivational speakers are a common way to bring fresh life and energy to the workplace and, when coupled with team building activities, are an effective way to help team members bond and feel excited about their work.

While there are many brands and styles of motivational speakers, professional athletes are a popular choice. Here are 10 reasons why hiring a former or current pro athlete will be beneficial for your team.

  1. They know the value of teamwork.
  2. They have developed discipline and perseverance.
  3. Their stories are high-stakes and interesting.
  4. They have developed healthy physical and mental habits they can share.
  5. Their real life examples of overcoming obstacles are inspirational.
  6. They are proof that hard work and determination can have major payoffs.
  7. They can share lifestyle tips that help employees be more productive and focused.
  8. They know the value of paying attention to detail.
  9. They can motivate employees to invest in their physical health, which is tied to mental health and productivity.
  10. Their stories of meeting other celebrities and public figures are interesting and engaging.

Athlete On Demand was founded by a former pro athlete who understands the sports industry and the valuable lessons professional athletes have to share.